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  • Why do I need a reservation for over 6 guests to dine in?
    Our lobby tables are only set for 6 guests. Calling ahead gives us the opportunity to combine tables and ensure guests have a table. We love to serve families and large groups. To provide excellent service, we like to be prepared.
  • Why are the take out hours different on Friday and Saturday?
    On the weekends, there is an increase in our lobby guests. To ensure our dine in guests have excellent service, we have decided to stop taking call ins at 6pm
  • What are your extra services for events?
    We offer catering, event bar and lounge, a pastry chef, florist, and DJ
  • Can I bring my own alcohol to my event?
    No. The Sagebrush follows strict liquor laws through the state of Nebraska. Any alcohol served at the events will be purchased through and served by The Sagebrush.
  • Am I able to decorate the night before my event?
    The Sagebrush will allow set up the night before an event. Please request an appointment upon reserving your room.
  • Can I provide my own DJ or music system for my event?
    Yes. In the Blissful love category of the wedding package and any basic room rental you have the opportunity to provide your own music.
  • Can I cater my own event?
    Yes you may cater your own event, but the kitchen will be unavailable.
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